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She makes my dick HARD.

Despite scathachqme's hysterical accusations, I am not a small African-American woman. I am a large Anglo-Irish-American man.

So, Google hardcore CFer scathachqme’s name, and what do you find?


Complete with this little gem:

"I am looking for a mature group of gamers who can handle roleplay without it crossing into OOC. In addition, I have an infant, so I am looking for a group that won’t get upset if I have to cancel at the last minute due to baby-sitter issues."

Keep looking around, and all of the non-LJ links lead to a mother living in Minnesota. What're the odds?

I also wonder what all her fans on cf_hardcore will think.
SonofFart is back to wankin' his princessy pud like the twelve-year-old virgin he essentially is. Between that tard and the Prince of the Furrydicks, tigertwat, I'm chockful of teh lulz these days.
tigertwat is a total WINNAR!
Damn, but life is funny.

What Would Chuck Norris Do?
I have started a community for those people who like to play fast and loose with their stories in childfree communities: childfree_bs. Come and lie with all the other liars!

You don't have to be childfree to join, post, or comment.
This is the best comment on this entire bit of stupis on teh Intarwebz, courtesy of OTF_Wank.

"Well, you see, once upon a time, robots walked the earth and acted as chaperones for young gentlemen and ladies on their dates. These super-robots made sure absolutely no bodily fluid was exchanged and strictly enforced a "no rape" policy. Since they were robots, they did not have the weakness of the flesh of their Hu-man charges-- they were neither frail like the fe-male (because robots are strong, and they're made of metal), nor spiritually weak and lustful like the male. They were emotionless, steel, date-chaperoning machines.

"Of course, this all changed the day Rapey, The Robot Who Liked Rape, came off the assembly line. We don't speak of the robots now."

This whune asshole needs to pull a serious biker train, and then get back to the human race on what he's discovered about "personal responsibility".

The Third Secret of Our Lady of Fatima states Mary’s divinity.
Mary is God, Mary is the Soul of the Holy Spirit.

Spirit is to God. Person is to Soul. Angel is to Church. Existence is to Being. Man is to Woman. Husband is to Wife. Adam is to Eve.

Mary is God, is the Final Dogma of the Holy Catholic Church. The Most Holy Trinity demand its declaration by the Holy Father as ABSOLUTE prerequisite for the TOTAL Redemption of Creation.

In the light of the election of an ANTI-MARY Pope and therefore ANTI-CHRIST Pope, in the person of Pope Benedict XVI, we fervently urge all CATHOLICS, to exert all legitimate efforts to compel those in authority that have remained Consecrated to the Most Holy Spirit, – to STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR THE TRUE MESSAGE OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA.

We appeal most especially to those who have knowledge of the TRUE THIRD SECRET OF FATIMA, to help us PROCLAIM the WORDS of GOD, by offering themselves as witnesses to the TRUTH.

The declaration of Mary is God Dogma will no doubt demand of us faithful servants of The Most Holy Trinity, a burden seemingly too much to bear for any man. But with each mission that God demands of us, comes also The Mighty and All Powerful Grace of The Most Holy Spirit.

With this Last and Final mission that was entrusted to us, The Catholic Church, The Communion of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ, will without any doubt also come the Greatest outpouring of The Most Holy Spirit’s Grace. It is only through DIVINE GRACE that The Third Secret of Our Lady of Fatima will be understood.

Brothers and Sisters, we are living in the last times of this Godless era. Our Beloved God and Savior Jesus Christ is coming sooner than many are expecting and inherent to His Second coming is the requirement that we as His Beloved Church and Spouse be perfected. Mary is God – is the Final and Last Dogma that perfects the Holy Catholic Church.

Please do not be indifferent or lukewarm. We need each and every single SOUL to stand up and fight side-by-side with us for our Mother, The Church.

Let us console the Most Holy Trinity, and be united with Christ Our Lord and Savior, by also offering and sacrificing our lives for the Church that He BUILT AND DIED FOR. THE THIRD MESSAGE OF FATIMA IS NOT A CHOICE - IT IS A MUST. THE THIRD MESSAGE OF FATIMA IS OUR SALVATION.

For Mary Who Is Indeed God,

dominic sanchez falar